Every modern vehicle is fitted with an ECU (Engine Control Unit), which is a computer that is responsible for managing and controlling the entire engine system. When a vehicle is manufactured, the ECU is set to certain specifications. The manufacturers set program parameters for a variety of reasons; e.g. the terrain and conditions of the region the vehicle will travel in, the use of substandard fuels, differing emission laws or to artificially restrict performance to ensure that it fits into a certain class. Although you might assume that this would be the most efficient settings it has been proven that better performance can be achieved.

By customising the calibration settings within the ECU (Engine Control Unit), we are able to alter fuelling, injection timing and boost pressure to optimise where the power and torque is delivered to suit any application. The process of altering these settings is referred to as ECU remapping, tuning or sometimes re-flashing. By analysing the information from the vehicle and end user operating conditions we are able to safely optimise these settings to improve performance, economy, or a combination of the two. The reliability and lifespan of your vehicle’s engine is not affected and in many cases is enhanced.